The toolkit

After a few years as a simple consultancy, CFL Software Development as a business was started by David Woolls in 1994, became CFL Software Limited in 2008 and was acquired in October 2019 by Frontier IP , who renamed the company Elute Intelligence Limited.

Elute has also acquired the Intellectual Property Rights to most of the tools listed below, which were developed over the 25 years of the company's existence, all for the close analysis of texts. So this site is an historical record of my adventures over the years in document comparison. The ones currently available from Elute are indicated, but they are all still working programs, so if any of them are of interest get in touch, either with me or with Elute through their website.
Anything with a link marker will take you either to a demonstration, a PowerPoint or more information.

Common factors

All the CFL Toolkit programs are:

Most of the programs can compare sets of documents with each other or with larger stores of related material. They all work at or below the sentence level and the similarity detection can handle changes in word order, insertions or deletions inside a single sentence.